Attracting Rental Clients in a COVID World

The New Normal for Travel

You may have found that client bookings for your vacation rental in the Vail Valley is not receiving the same interest as you have enjoyed in previous seasons.

In these unpredictable days of the COVID-19 pandemic, much that was familiar to travelers has changed. Making plans is difficult when the situation can seem to change from day to day. Infections are spreading at different rates. Simply opening one’s doors may not mean that customers come back.

For places of lodging, this can be especially challenging. We have seen the overall travel industry make changes to enable trips around the country to resume. According to the Wall Street Journal, domestic travel has risks, but is far easier to accomplish with some reasonable precautions.

Making Travel More Comfortable

One thing that can help to secure bookings for your vacation rental is to be flexible with your terms. It will be tempting to hold tight to whatever limited deposits or bookings come your way. But remember, no one is in control of what is going on in the world right now. The flexibility to cancel on short notice may be the thing that highlights you over the competition. Offering credit to return, rather than a full refund, will ensure that most will return to enjoy your property too.

Another important thing to promote with your rental is the cleaning and sanitizing efforts used during and after each stay. Follow the CDC’s recommended practices for travelers. Show pictures on your listing and state what your processes are. These can lend towards a feeling of ease and can help a family feel more relaxed. Offering extras like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer bottles can show additional levels of concern for your guests’ well being. Outings in your area are probably going to be limited too. Recommending activities or dining that consider social distancing protocols will be appreciated. As always, the willingness to go the extra mile for your customers is appreciated. Today this may be more appreciated than ever. It might be the difference between a family booking a trip or deciding to stay home this summer.

Safety and the improving economy do not have to be mutually exclusive. Many families want to travel. By applying some of the ideas above, you could find yourself with bookings that your competition did not get. You can help make the memories that families strive for. Your property can provide the relaxation that we all need right now. Everyone is ready to get out of quarantine. They should do it with you.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

At Elevated Colorado Management we are happy to help. From designing a protocol for your rental property to strategies to help you secure more bookings of time this summer. Reach out to us today to start the conversation!